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Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BSAM”) rises in response to reform tides of state-owned assets management system throughout Beijing. Its predecessor was “Beijing State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd.” which was founded in 1992 and affiliated to Beijing Municipal State-owned Assets Bureau. In accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system, BSAM was restructured and transformed together with the previous Beijing Overseas Financing Investment Management Center in April 2001, thereby becoming a state-owned sole proprietorship company specialized in capital operation. BSAM undertakes main functions of governmental assets management and operation, conducts industrial investments outside public finance sector, and preserves and adds the value of state-owned assets in the flows. Since its establishment, BSAM always adheres to the business philosophy of “Emphasis on Social Benefit and Orientation to Economic Benefit”, vigorously pioneers in investment and financing of major industrial projects, contribution to Beijing’s development with resource allocation, management and operation of important assets and other aspects, and presents four cutting-edge business lines (Finance; Culture and Sport; Environmental Protection and New Energy; Smart and Livable City). BSAM boasts domestic credit rating of “AAA” and international credit rating of “A”. BSAM has developed into a state-owned investment holding conglomerate with core competitiveness and total assets of RMB100 billion.


BSAM consciously shoulders the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise based in Beijing, prioritizes function construction of “Four Centers” and fulfillment of “Three Major Tasks” of Beijing as the uppermost work and investment emphasis, and makes every effort to implement the project layouts in the field of culture, science and technology, with a view to the down-to-earth implementation of Beijing Urban Master Plan (2016-30). BSAM gives full play to the functions and roles of four major industrial alliances in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and gathers superior resources for the purpose of relieving Beijing offunctions nonessential to its role as the capital and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development. BSAM deeply participates in the preparations for the Olympic Winter Games 2022, and comprehensively makes progress in the construction of venues and large-scale activities. BSAM lays stress on integrated investment and holding businesses, continuously upgrades the scale and influencing power of financial industry, highlights brand strength of cultural and sports industries, rapidly expands the arrangements for projects in environmental protection industry and new energy industry, and further enhances the competitiveness of the industries associated with smart and livable city.

In the new era, BSAM will focus on strengthening functional construction of “Four Centers”, improve in the level of “Four Services”, fulfill “Three Major Tasks” and win “Three Critical Battles”, seize golden opportunities and take the initiative to make our advantageous industries much stronger, more superior and more extensive, and make new greater contributions to building Beijing into a world-class, harmonious, and livable metropolis through our practical actions.


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