Beijing State-owned Assets Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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World leading kitchen waste physical treatment technology, the only one in China

A state-owned enterprise under Beijing State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd., Beijing State-owned Assets Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the only company in China that specializes in R&D and sales of equipment converting kitchen waste into organic fertilizer and kitchen residual oily water separator, both broadly used in office buildings.

Leading products are shown as follows:

Kitchen residual oily water separator can recover animal and plant waste oil and food debris from food oily water by fast auto-separation of oil, water and debris in the process of intercept, demulsification, coalescence and separation, thus completely avoiding city sewer system congestion and enabling regenerative cycle and utilization of waste oil and residue. The device has passed technical evaluation by experts from China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection and China Association of Environmental Protection Industry. According to Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center, after treatment by the device, the content of animal and plant oil in waste water is consistent with DB11/307-2013 Beijing Standard of Water Pollutants Discharge, with recovery rate of animal and plant oil up to 99% or above.

Iron-stomach devourer can fast treat the leftovers in kitchen waste in a pure physical manner, which turn into organic fertilizer within 2 hours, reducing total volume by over 80%. Kitchen waste is treated from the source in a volume-reduced, resource-based and pollution-free way as no fungi bag and additive are used in the treatment process. The equipment has passed technical evaluation by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, and is the only world leading device in China that is applied to treat kitchen waste in office building through physical method, with treating process being environmentally friendly, odorless, and compliant with emission standard.

The two products are highly valued and recommended by CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Beijing Municipal People’s Government as they all passed CCEP certification and received award of 19 patents.

Buildings that succeeded in application of the equipment include: general office of the NPC standing committee, Propaganda Department of the CPC, general office of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Beijing Municipal People’s Government, Great Hall of the People, China Great Hall Hotel, APEC permanent site Beijing Yanxi Hotel, APEC permanent site Beijing Sunrise Hotel, Office Building 1 and 2 of Sinopec Headquarters, Xiaoying office building of Sinopec, Sinopec International Conference Center, Sinopec Heyuan Royal Garden Hotel, Service Center of Sinopec, Sinopec Kunlun Building, Sinopec Taiyanggong Complex Building, CNOOC office building, COFCO Fortune Plaza, office building of Sinopec Beijing branch, Sinopec Beijing Huairou Training Center, China Minmetals Corporation Minmetals Plaza, Erligou office building of China Minmetals Corporation, Mountain View Hotel of China Minmetals Corporation, China Coal Geology Corporation, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Sinopec Beijing Shihua Holtel, etc., in which Sinopec headquarters has installed the devices in next door to dining room for 6 years, totally treating over 4,200 tons of leftovers in an odor free way. The service life of the equipment is 30 years.

 Contact person: Ye Fan
Tel.: 13910223635
Contact person: Wen Juan
Tel.: 010-88918868

Address: Floor 7, West Wing, Post and Telecommunication News Building, No. 11, Anyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Beijing State-owned Assets Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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