Beijing Rural Commercial Bank

Date:2016-01-13  count:1


BSAM is a principal shareholder of Beijing Rural Commercial Bank, holding 15% of its shares.

Beijing Rural Commercial Bank (BJRCB), China’s first provincial-level joint stock rural commercial bank established with the approval of the State Council, has some 700 business establishments covering the urban and rural areas of the capital. It is a principal rural financial service provider in the capital, the predecessor of which was Beijing Rural Credit Cooperative, established in 1951, with over 50 years of development history. By the end of 2010, the total assets and business return of BJRCB has hit 331.15 billion Yuan and 6.74 billion Yuan respectively. BSAM, as a principal shareholder, holds 15% of its shares.

Persisting in the market orientation of “basing itself upon urban and rural areas, serving agriculture, farmer and rural area, serving SMEs and serving citizens and the masses” and guided by the market, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank has committed itself to sustaining the construction of new countryside and integrated urban-rural development in the capital.

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